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Development trend of stone processing machinery

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Development trend of stone processing machinery

     Stone machinery and stone mine construction and stone processing technology are closely related. In recent 30 years, the continuous development of national stone mining and processing industry has driven the prosperity of stone machinery manufacturing industry. China 's stone industry is in a vigorous development stage, in order to meet the needs of stone mine construction and stone processing industry, both the development of domestic stone machinery or the introduction of foreign stone machinery must understand the development trend of international stone machinery, in order to enhance the ability of China 's stone industry and international competition. Stone machinery mainly includes stone mining machinery and stone processing machinery. Stone processing machinery originated in Europe in the 19th century, the original processing products for granite stones, later developed to a variety of stone plates, tiles and various special-shaped stone products, etc. The development of stone processing machinery is discussed. 1, special stone processing machinery marble and granite and other stone special processing includes four categories:

 ( 1 ) building with special-shaped components, such as various circular arc plate, cylinder, flower lines, etc.;

 ( 2 ) monuments, such as monuments, tombstones, landmarks, etc.;

( 3 ) furniture, such as various modern and antique stone furniture; 

( 4 ) letters and geometry, etc. If the special-shaped processing of stone is processed by manual or single-process machining, the labor is large, the production efficiency is low, the polishing cost is high, the quality requirements are difficult to meet, and the diamond tool is used to lose quickly. Due to the high added value of special-shaped stone products, both modern buildings and stone and stone furniture manufacturing, the demand for special-shaped stone products are increasing, so some industrial developed countries have adopted a diamond milling cutter equipped with profiling milling machine

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